February 20, 2018 | Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan


Generations after the Earth Exodus, sixteen-year-old Laura Cruz is a shipraider whose family looks for human history scattered among the stars. Descended from a long line of adventurers and archeologists, Laura will stop at nothing to ensure her name joins her mother’s in the firmament. Fortuna. Gloria. Familia.

So when her family locates the USS John Muir in deep space—a terrarium ark that contains the remnants of Yosemite National Park—Laura knows the ship contains the essence of life that could help her country terraform a new planet, thus snatching all humanity back from the brink of extinction.

It’s the find of a lifetime.


400 years ago, seventeen-year-old Tuck Drake had the worst day of his life: His father’s Exodus starship, the USS John Muir, was hijacked by eco-terrorists and jettisoned into the far reaches of deep space. With no hope of rescue, no engines and no communications arrays, the ship’s crew went into stasis not expecting to wake up.

But when they did, they weren’t alone. The big glitch? Tuck and his fellow curators didn’t wake up alone: Creatures with voices pitched like razorblades stalk the ship, ones who can flay, dismember, and kill by pitching their voices to a deadly frequency and speed. Now, Tuck and a handful of surviving crew members fight to keep the John Muir—and her precious cargo—from the catastrophe.

It’s the loss of his lifetime.


When a hacker with terrorist sympathies crashes Laura’s ship into the John Muir, jeopardizing the life-saving terrarium within, Tuck and Laura must find a way to overcome their differences, outwit their enemies, and save the ship from utter ruin—not just for themselves, but for all humanity.

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